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Safety Advisor: Workplace Health and Safety Compliance/ Procedures development, implementation and review

There have been many incidents and accidents where operator failure has been the major contributing cause to fatal or major accidents.  H&S Evolution will write and install concise and unambiguous Corporate procedures that govern safety standards in the workplace to prevent, control and mitigate the occurrence of accidents.

Our Corporate procedures are the most effective measures to clearly lay down instructions for training, operation of equipment and plant on inductions, manual handling, hazardous substances, permit to work, PPE requirements, protective guarding in place and work from heights. Corporate OH&S and EH&S procedures will represent a definition of good or best practice that should be adhered to at all times and where in place be predicated on existing Health Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems (HSEQs). Your Management Teams and field operatives can be provided with training by Health and Safety Evolution on the Corporate procedures to ensure they understand and comply with all of their requirements.

Corporate procedures will be controlled documents, generally covered under the company’s WH&S or Environmental (HSEQ) system and kept up to date. Changes to the procedures should be controlled, documented and subject your company’s change procedures. Health and Safety Evolution can perform any changes and will also include a “changes to controlled document” procedure to implement which maintains your standards and HSEQs. Corporate procedures may be revised for the following reasons:

  • Introduction of new plant or equipment into the process
  • Introduction of new and incompatible chemicals into the process
  • Significant change to a process, task, personnel or equipment covered by the procedure.