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Food Consultants: Label Assessment: Australia wide/ Import & Export.

All HSE food consultants have Tertiary and Masters level Food Safety qualifications. In addition our food consultants are members of the Environmental Health Australia (EHA), and all have worked in food safety consultancy and enforcement for over 20 years.

Our label assessment service will provide you advice on how to ensure that your food labels are compliant at all times so these may be used with 100% assurance that you are legally compliant as per the ANZFSC. Any food recall required by a state food authority or order to destroy at Customs & Border Control due to the non-compliant labelling of a food will have a large scale financial impact on the business far beyond the upfront compliance costs, hence HSE advises careful budgeting allow for expert food safety checks for all food businesses.

Current and avoidable Food Recalls (rectified by HSE label & shelf-life assessment) occurring in 2022 are listed below:

1. Herbie’s Spices recalls products due to undeclared allergens: IGA, health food stores and online food retailers
2. Coles Supermarkets Pty Ltd recalls Coles Tomato Paste due to undeclared allergens
3. Harris Smokehouse recalls products due to listeria contamination.
4. Häagen-Dazs ice cream recall products due to chemical contamination

HSE Food Consultants will assess and formulate your compliant food label under the below compliance areas and provide you with a template to hand directly to your label print designer:

Ensuring all mandatory information is declared
Product name approval
Ingredient verification for appropriate market
Additive review for specific food categories
Novel Food identification
Allergen declaration check
Nutrition format verification
Quantity marking
Date coding
Storage instructions and instructions for use
Field of vision requirements
Country of origin declarations
Health & Nutrition Claims and other claims
Product warnings and other mandatory requirements

HSE scientific services (shelf-life assessment: real time or accelerated) will under laboratory analysis ensure that your product is safe for human consumption for the entire length of the best-before or use-by-date and no recall will likely be required.

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