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Food Safety Consultants: COVID-19 Assessments, Food Safety audits, Food Safety Programs.

HSE Food Team Consultants are experienced public health advisors, having worked in State Public Health Units (required to manage outbreaks of illness and disease) in Australia.

With COVID-19 causing a health concern, HSE’s consultants can assess your restaurant, workplace and cleaning measures to advise in report form health improvements to re-assure your staff and customers that your food safety and premises is safe, as per the most current scientific advice.

We also have food safety consultants for all food preparation and food production. Should your requirements be for food manufacturing, catering facilities, busy restaurants or Council requiring food safety inspections our food safety consultants can assist you.

All of our consultants have Tertiary and Masters level Food Safety qualifications, are members of The Environmental Health Australia (EHA) and EHRB, and all have worked in food safety consultancy and enforcement for over 20 years. HSE food safety consultants can assist you in the development and review of HACCP management plans or required Food Safety Programs (FSPs). We can also prepare or assess you and issue you HACCP Certification.

Our assistance will provide you advice on how to ensure that your food safety standards are above the compliance standard placing you ahead of your competitors and you are licensed and maintain all other third party accreditations you may have as per your company or clients requirements.

HSE consultants will provide you with a food safety report on the basis of our consultants’ inspections with an action plan prioritised according to your client, licensing, ANZ Food Standards Code or HACCP Certification requirements.

HSE works closely with its accredited laboratory partners and can in addition assist you with:

* labeling requirements i.e. nutrition panels,

* shelf life assessments etc.,

* microbiological assessments of food i.e. E.Coli

* import and export food products.

Should it be that you wish a shelf life study or food borne illness investigation to commence or you have had an improvement notice served by an inspecting food safety authority, we can assist you with compliance and advice throughout the process. Our food consultants frequently attend court to support clients by providing expert testimony. Our testimony in the face of Council prosecutions are the difference between remaining licensed to operate and large fines imposed by Council.


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