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Safety Advisors: Competent and consistent health and safety and environmental advice for your company

In general, employers are required to take appropriate and reasonable steps to protect health and safety, consistent with the degree of risk that exists. Therefore employers require that risk to be competently assessed for the protection of the employer’s staff, visitors and contractors and for the protection of the employer. H&S Evolution understand that the priorities employers face here while seeking to run a profitable business are challenging. Our experience and background in WH&S and Environmental Advising will remove the challenges faced and shore up safety in the workplace for all and compliance with current WH&S and Environmental laws and Australian Standards.

Since July 2008, implemented harmonized work health and safety laws operate in each jurisdiction. The numerous variations between the laws of led to confusion for businesses and employees are now removed. The WHS Act and other WHS legislation introduce a consistent set of laws covering health and safety at work.

This also shall provide for a greater degree in consistency from enforcement authorities as enforcement officer training should be largely consistent. Enforcement officers moving around will be trained in the same enforcement methods and less time consuming enforcement investigations and or expensive enforcement errors shall result. All employers will benefit here as there is scope to lessen the enforcement burden on employers/ business that results from inconsistency in enforcement.